Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday May 28

Agnes is settling in to the new hospital. Moving via ambulance with a different respirator tired her out and then things are different in one place vs. the other. However, she is alert, getting a little physical therapy, doing a little breathing on her own, and she got to eat some ice chips the other day. I think now that she is settled she should start making progress every day toward getting back home. I'm making a lot of phone calls every day to keep tabs on her progress.

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  1. Pastor Mitch said...
    Visited Agnes today - Friday. She was doing very well. I rejoiced to see her and find her eating. can you believe they had brussel sprouts on her plate? WHo serves brussel sprouts, but Agness seemed to be enjoying them. She loved her tea.
    I was able to give her communion today. I praise the Lord for that. She is looking good.
    Pastor Mitchel Schuessler