Friday, May 22, 2009

Good morning! Fri 22 May

Agnes has come around from the sedation and is alert and responding with nods and shakes to questions. She can't talk, of course, but her breathing is steady. All her vital signs are good, she is off antibiotics, she is moving and wiggling and not in pain. The skin on all the pressure points is looking good. Agnes understands she cannot mess with the wires and tubes, so she is free to try to move and exercise after laying motionless for the past 10 days. She understands she has to get strong and work through some physical therapy and then she can go home. It's good to have her mostly checked out of la-la land.

Next step is to make arrangements to move her out of ICU to a facility in St. Louis where she can be cared for and weaned off the respirator. Fortunately I have a cousin with excellent connections to medical administrators, and I have good reports on the facility where Anderson Hospital proposes to have her moved. Time for a field trip this afternoon to check it out and introduce myself.

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