Monday, May 25, 2009

at the ole' ball game

The most amazing phone call this afternoon came from Carol. While I was there we had only problematic communication. The one day she wanted to tell me something was a disaster, and I finally had to leave since we were driving each other crazy. She was too weak and too sedated to really be aware. When Carol visited today, she was ready to use the letter board to tell them where she hurt, and that she wanted to watch TV, and kept badgering the nurse until the nurse said there was a ball game on. Big smile, nod, nod. Sounds like Agnes has learned to communicate with what she has got to work with. You rock, Mom.

Tomorrow she will likely be moved to Kindred, 4930 Lindell Boulevard in St. Louis, 63108. They will use a special ambulance used to transport patients on ventilators. This is special place that we have checked out, and then I visited. She will have hours of physical and occupational therapy every day. Agnes knows well where this is since her mother, Hazel, was switchboard operator at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel across the street. Carol has promised to read cards to her tomorrow.

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