Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sat May 23

Agnes is making some progress. She was only on the ventilator for the night with light sedation. Last night and again today she is breathing on her own. Staples were removed from incision, replaced by SteriStrips. She is more than ready to go home, but it will be awhile. She is very frustrated by her inability to communicate, and restless. I'm sure she is uncomfortable, both from laying in bed for so long and from having to work so hard to breathe. The IV feed will go away today and she is tolerating the tube feed much better.

Unfortunately this will be my last "live" post from her bedside. After 12 days of sitting here, I need to get back to work. Yesterday I went to check out the other hospital in case they need to move her there; today I will visit the nursing home where we can send her when she is ready for some physical therapy to get her strong again. Pastor Mitchel has been my rock, visiting the both of us daily and helping me sort through difficult decisions when she was so critically ill, and he will be checking up on her. Then there is our dear family friend Carol, my lifeline to Illinois, who will be cat-sitting, mail-forwarding, bed-checking and reporting in. Regretfully, in the morning, I will have to leave her in good hands. I'll be back when she needs me - for now I have to leave her in the good care she has been getting.

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